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20 years ago registered as a domain name

20 years ago on September 15th 1997, was registered as a domain name. Francois Briod is the co-founder and CEO of Monito, a comparison tool providing a new means for people to find, compare and review money transfer services, as well as fees when sending money abroad.

Francois, commenting on the 20th anniversary of's registration, had said “Google has empowered consumers globally to be able to make informed decisions that impact their everyday lives. Information that was once available to a select few, is now available to everyone.”

Furthermore, he added that “The search engine has affected everything from how people choose mobile phone contracts, flights, hotels, car rental and utility bills, to money transfers and currency conversions. People everywhere are able to compare services and products based on price, quality, and trustworthiness, and thanks to the ability for anyone to publish reviews, this standard of service can be proven by the millions of people that have used it before. As a result, businesses that are unable to provide a good service and competitive prices, are fast being pushed out of the running.” 

“However, while most industries are keeping up, evolving and adapting, it’s evident that the financial industry is still shrouded in mystery and hiding behind hidden fees and confusing financial jargon. In a Google-led world where knowledge is fast becoming democratised, it’s no wonder that challenger banks and fintech companies are rising and successfully plugging-the-gap where traditional financial institutions are failing to comply. The industry owes consumers transparency, or they will simply go elsewhere. We need to do more to provide people with the tools they need to navigate this complexity.”

Francois is a social entrepreneur with a focus on the opportunities brought by new technologies to empower individuals and to tackle global challenges. His company Monito, was created to remedy the lack of transparency within the money transfer space by ranking services based on factors such as cost, speed and trustworthiness. For those sending money abroad this helps to save over £20 billion in excessive transfer fees per year. As well as being co-founded by Francois Briod, Pascal Briod, and Laurent Oberholzer in 2013, the company's finding also involved the International Organisation for Migration and the Swiss government to catalyse its social impact and reach within migrant communities worldwide. Monito compares and reviews more than 450 money transfer operators in over 170 countries being available on desktop, mobile and tablets.

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