Or-Be Systems

Or-be systems have 3 core products that under-pin it.  These 3 core systems ensure that from an online perspective, Or-be systems is a complete end-to-end solution, which will enable all online activity to be controlled / amended / edited /  or manipulated in any other fashion by the user, NOT the developer.

The 3 core products are designed to work in isolation, or in conjunction with each other.  A client does not have to take all three systems in order to get any use out of any one system.

Or-be Systems has been developed using our in-house Or-be framework.  The reason for this is that, as scripting languages go that are in circulation, we have found that in order to gain the level of data control and functionality we need, our own framework would need to be built.  Or-be framework is made in plain Hack/PHP, and Or-be Systems is made with ReactJs.  These 2 components have been designed with big data, scalability and speed of execution in mind.  

Or-be Systems

Or-be CMS

Our CMS provides total freedom to users, they can create the unique content models, they can then decide on what content is managed and by whom.

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Or-be CRM

Or-be CRM lets users focus their attention on their clients, while it takes care of the behind-the-scenes details.

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Or-be Broker Modules

Or-be Systems broker module provide abstract functionality with platform integration to allow brokers to control the infrastructure of online acquisitions.

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Or-be Lead Engine

Or-be Lead Engine is a Customer Acquisition Platform, designed to plug in with your Lead Engine or paid media activity to deliver actual ROI in real time.

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