Or-be Broker Modules

Or-be Systems broker module provide abstract functionality with platform integration to allow brokers to control the infrastructure of online acquisitions.  The Or-be form builder allows for bespoke creation of your on boarding process, and the ability to change at the drop of a hat, on your timescale (not ours).  Or-be broker module allows for online account forms to be graded for AML and KYC, without the need for developer intervention.

From a CMS perspective, Or-be Broker Module allows for intelligent data to be controlled and displayed directly onto your site, or sites.  You can set up price feeds, and sentimental data , plus chart and historical data.  Price tables, and bespoke modules can also be created, direct from your dashboard for front end integration.

When used in conjunction with Or-be Lead engine, life time ROI can be plotted and proved.  All clients, and activity is recorded and tracked, so you can see the true value that your clients bring to you.  Reports and data can be augmented in any fashion that you desire too, ensuring that you can see what you want, when you want.  With our revolutionary banner builder, you can even include demo acquisition forms directly inside your banner.

Why use Broker Modules?

Our form builder workflows allow for intelligent form processes to be defined by the administrator.  Depending on what a consumer inputs in their data, they can be funnelled off to different forms part, or have emails sent to or from the consumer or an administrator at any step of the process.  Our forms allow for grading of data, to ensure that consumers are fit for purpose before an account is opened.  Or-be Broker module will integrate with any trading platform, to ensure smooth on-boarding and management of consumers.  From the back office perspective, you have complete control to manage your customers.  Dealers can monitor accounts, and trading activity, finance can monitor trade reconciliations, and run P&L reports, on a scheduled or on a manual process.  

Multiple PSPs can be integrated, again as a user, not as a developer.  Departments, and acquisition workflows can be separated out in any context that you like, whether it’s across departments, countries, languages or any other means.  We provide the flexibility and functionality to control this yourself.  

IB Portals can be set up at the drop of a hat too, providing easy access to monitor clients and activity.  IB can control their own tracking, and marketing activity via Or-be systems too.  You can set up the portal, to show the information that you want them to see, and via our API system, you can even house it without your existing site if you like.

All data is audited, and stored, and full rollback functionality is available.  Nothing is deleted, and nothing is lost. 

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Or-be Systems and core products allow for a more efficient, quality output by allowing staff to concentrate on their jobs without the finnicky processes.

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Our CMS provides total freedom to users, they can create the unique content models, they can then decide on what content is managed and by whom.

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Or-be CRM lets users focus their attention on their clients, while it takes care of the behind-the-scenes details.

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Or-be Lead Engine is a Customer Acquisition Platform, designed to plug in with your Lead Engine or paid media activity to deliver actual ROI in real time.

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