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The main difference between our CMS and others, is that the Or-be CMS gives total freedom to users, so that they can create unique content models, allowing for decisions to be made in terms of what content is managed by who.

What is Or-be CMS?

CMS stands for content management system, which is an application, or a set of programs, designed to create digital content, and subsequently to manage it. 

The Or-be CMS is a powerful system that allows users to do both, and also to distribute the content.

The main difference between our CMS and others, is that the Or-be CMS gives total freedom to users, so that they can create unique content models, allowing for decisions to be made in terms of what content is managed by who. 

Most CMSs are created around, and optimised to display one type of content, usually a website. As a result, most CMSs can be best classified as simple web publishing tools, offering pre-existent content models that narrow possibilities and are very much coupled to one presentation layer. 

How is Or-be CMS different?

Instead of a web publishing tool, we aim to provide a general content management system, because we believe that this is what a CMS can and should be. Using Powerful APIs, trusted and quality features, and working demos that enable users to create with ease, building sophisticated sites and apps that worker faster and more efficiently. Or-be CMS also allows developers to focus on important project-specific work, without first having to set up the necessary infrastructure. 

We provide RESTful APIs (an application program interface that utilises HTTP requests to DELETE, GET, POST, and PUT data) to deliver content across multiple channels such as mobile apps and websites, and a plethora of other platforms.

Our methodology speeds up development cycles in comparison to other CMSs, we having worked with many CMSs, and we have used the experience and knowledge we have gained through doing that to create what we believe is a system that is superior to all others. 

Essentially, we have created a new kind of decoupled CMS.

The Benefits of Or-be CMS

Our RESTful API enables content to be truly accessible across all platforms and all devices. Our stateless API with compact JavaScript Object Notation payloads (a lightweight data-interchange format often referred to as JSON) gives full programmatic control over content, assets, and translations. 

Besides the RESTful API, Or-be CMS also delivers content and information in a “GraphiQL” way which allows the developer to call what data they require from a single request. This speeds up the development and integration process, increasing ease and flexibility for users. 

The Or-be CMS also allows users to assign multiple access tokens to limit content access by device or environment type. If there is an internet connection, then Or-be CMS can deliver content to any device, be it a smart watch, desktop, mobile device, TV, car interface, or anything else that may be invented in the future with the ability to take content, in a few years, you could well be getting content sent to your fridge using Or-be CMS. 

The uncluttered user interface means that Or-be CMS is an efficient tool for creating and managing online content whether alone, or in a team. Users can assign customer roles and permissions to team members, add validations depending on the kind of content you are adding, and add media such as documents, images, sound, video, or anything else you can think of. We are essentially offering you an ‘intelligent clean slate’, that you can build from the ground up, and that will understand and work with you, and often for you.

The days of static webpages are in the past, and Or-be CMS enables you to build unique and innovative interactive experiences for clients, as well as delivering numerous content and functionality options, to cater for any type of website.

Here are some of the benefits that Or-be CMS offers: 

  • Portal - Our portal empowers users to create unique content on any platform, at a faster pace, and independent of an IT department. 
  • RICH editor - Our RICH editor interface ensures that content writers can focus on writing content, without having to navigate an interface
  • Manage flexible content models - There are no pre-defined content models, you create the content model that best suits you, allowing for any variety of content to be created and segregated in any way you choose. 
  • Uncluttered UI - Tested to achieve the best results, Or-be CMS offers simple and intuitive user interface. 
  • Mobile and web - Our API lets you deliver your content with the click of a button. Mobile, web (and any other platform you can imagine) can receive your content as soon as you publish it.
  • Efficient and painless publishing in multiple languages – Our revolutionary process ensures that the user dictates all language settings without any need to rely on a developer. Any language can be used with Or-be CMS, which can then be served to multiple sites or apps.
  • Collaboration – Or-be CMS allows you to easily manage environments, collaborators, billing, and access within individual or clustered roles and organisations. Users can manage and host all their assets in one place and update source files without breaking public links. Or-be CMS enables teams to work with externally-hosted content, directly in the portal. 

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