Or-be Lead Engine

With Or-be Lead Engine’s Targeted tracking system, you can see how your marketing activity is performing at a granular level. You can track publisher, site or data provider performance, which in turn will help you to optimise your campaigns in realtime to give maximum activity performance.

You can track your acquisition campaign in realtime and monitor the actual sales delivered, meaning your can optimise your marketing activity based on real sale value ROI. You can report on your campaigns based on the core channels such as search, social, display or email as you see the results they generate.  

What is Or-be Lead Engine?

Or-be Lead Engine is a Customer Acquisition Platform that has been designed to plug in with any of your lead generation or paid media activity and tell you which of them delivered actual sales in realtime. Not only that, it dramatically improves lead quality and saves your team valuable time through its automated integration with your CRM and marketing automation.  

Or be Lead Engine’s lead management features enable marketers to manage every single aspect of a lead generation campaign. Plug in your lead sources, create and sent pricing and contract requirements. Receive your leads in realtime as they’re generated, correct or flag bad data and auto format your lead delivery. Invalid leads can be flagged, while valid leads can be sent to your marketing automation.  As with all Or-be systems, we give the user ultimate control of their processes.  Plug in any lead generation activity…CPL campaigns, email, search, social, display or content marketing.  Our workflows enable you to capture and route leads as they engage with your activity in real time. With our workflows, you can also automatically identify and correct duplicates, incomplete and misleading field data entry.  The scope is vast!  If this is used with Or-be CRM, you can create custom routing rules. Send automatically, on specific times, to specific people or departments.

Enhances your current setup

Used with Or-be CMS, the customised landing page builder allows you to choose form templates that have been made in the Or-be CRM Form Builder to create your own custom data capture form or plug in your existing forms. 

Then, using the Or-be Lead Engine’s revolutionary Banner Builder, you can build rich banners, easily and quickly, which are ready to send to publishers, or enter a sign off process if required.   Our banners are (so far as i know) one of the first globally to include CRM functionality directly from the banner.  Due to our intuitive API framework, we can capture leads BEFORE they get to a landing page:)  Further to thins, our banners are html5, which means that you can get rich animation and transitions without the need for a developer to make this.  Once you have your design assets, and messaging, you can build your banners and publish them yourself.

We then have our email builder.  This module (which is a ubiquitous module for all systems) enables a marketeer to make their own email, and send out to a campaign, with a complete schedule.  The lead segments can be refined and filters to a level that you are happy with, be that granular, or more).  The results are reported back in real time and resulted can be benchmarked, and compared, and also distilled into any matrix of data that you desire. This in a nutshell means that you can control your complete inventory, from one location.  As mentioned before, if used in conjunction with a CRM (not necessarily just Or-be CRM)  then sales reports and data analysis as a process is cut down drastically, enablelling marketeers to focus on more reproductive work.

Why use Lead Engine?

While all of the above is already pretty cool, there is more under the hood to the Or-be Lead Engine which also fundamental.  You can automatically verify contact data such as phone, email and address data, ensuring that critical basic data only enters your CRM if it’s correct.

As with everything in Or-be Systems, you can also create custom validation (such as checking whether incoming data profiles exist in your CRM already) so that your specific data needs are matched by your marketing activity results.   Not only does Or-be Lead Engine ensure that you collect only relevant data, it also enables advertisers to enrich their prospect data from Or-be Lead Engine’s data providers, giving marketers the ability to generate richer, deeper customer profiles all in realtime. Or-be Lead Systems’ revolutionary cross-system scoring module allows users to set up a wide range of custom scoring options. Set up scoring by individual data line, create custom scores for different campaigns or products and build custom routing based on profile scores enabling you to get the best leads to sales quickly. Not only that, our platform’s custom features mean you can alter your enrichment by campaign or product.

Or-be Lead Engine’s agile platform enables you to route your data in multiple custom formats and to multiple sources. All of this can be customised to suit your needs. With Or-be Lead Engine you can route leads in realtime to your CRM, sales teams, marketing automation or even call centre and create multiple custom rules on how and where leads are routed.

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